Friday, August 28, 2009


A recent advertising campaign featured the tagline “I got people.” Well, at American Expediting, we “got” people too, from the drivers who go beyond deliveries for our clients to our hands-on president, Vic Finnegan who envisioned and created a company driven by customer service. It’s those people and their commitment to that vision who have made American Expediting the respected and reputable business that it is.

We offer the following story from our Cleveland regional office as an example of the seemingly small but very significant and appreciated extras everyone in the company does that make it such a valued vendor among our customers.

Char Schraibman, a sales representative for PLUS Diagnostics, a pathology laboratory, had a delivery of packages containing the results of time-sensitive specimens which had to reach their New Jersey facility quickly. Deliveries of this type are critical to patients awaiting word on their health and subsequent treatment.

Unfortunately, after the American Expediting driver, Pat Chapman received the package and was headed for the airport, Schraibman discovered that each package had been mislabeled. They were addressed to a new PLUS Diagnostics location which had yet to be occupied. She immediately contacted Lou Flowers, the Operations Manager in the Cleveland office, explaining the crisis. Flowers, in turn, contacted Chapman and arrangements were made for him to wait for Schraibman by the side of the road.

When she arrived with a fistful of correct mailing labels, she found Pat patiently waiting. He continued to wait with her as she painstakingly readdressed each package then he hoofed it to the airport, ensuring all the packages were on the overnight plane to New Jersey.

Was Schraibman appreciative?

Yes, as always, although this latest action was just another piece of the broader service she enjoys daily from the Cleveland people. Service, she notes, in which one driver, Bob Beach, takes treats of candy to her clients during his medical pick-ups and service that includes check-up calls from Flowers to her daily pick-ups when they’ve failed to call. It all adds up to that special, personal touch which enhances the courier experience shared by Schraibman and her clients; a warm experience that induced her to write: “I will transfer over every account I can to American Expediting.”

Are we proud? You bet we are. We too can boast that we “got” people…admirable ones at that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Up, Up, and Away" - Helping to Save Lives

What's that you hear in the distance? Is that the sound of a horn? Many years ago, while working as an intern, my boss taught me an important lesson. Toot your own horn, because nobody will do it for you. Last week, my company provided a service to a customer that bears tooting. Now this customer has a clearer understanding of our company slogan "AT AMERICAN EXPEDITING, WE HELP TO SAVE LIVES."

When Winslow Dialysis in Sicklerville, New Jersey needed a courier in a pinch, they called American Expediting. As their name indicates, Winslow is a dialysis treatment center, a life-saving procedure for renal patients. Days earlier, they ran out necessary solution to perform their treatments. After exercising all of their options for borrowing from any nearby clinics, Winslow's limited supply was done. With patients scheduled for their needed afternoon appointments, Winslow contacted their existing courier at 11:10AM requesting an emergency fulfillment and rush of the solution stored at the courier's location 40 miles away. After being informed that the delivery couldn't be made until 7:00PM, and knowing their clients couldn't wait one more day for their treatment, Winslow contacted American Expediting. We immediately dispatched out of our Westville, NJ office, and had the delivery complete by 1:20PM.

In an email sent by Mr. Joe Peters of Winslow Dialysis following receipt of his package. In it he writes, "It is great to work with a company that has a Can-Do philosophy. Thank you Sherry and your drivers again for saving us from what could have been a very bad situation.

"Imagine now, you are listening to Louis Armstrong belting out his famous rendition of WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Beats hearing the bugler playing TAPS any day of the week.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

H1N1 Pandemic Precautions


Along with the daily breaking news coming from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and our local medical facilities, American Expediting is preparing for a potential flu outbreak projected to hit in late October. Health officials project that up to 45% of the population will be affected by this virus, fortunately most of us will come down with a minor strain, and won’t even know that we were affected.
American Expediting is adapting from the various health safety policies being adopted by our local health and government offices. Our number one concern is that we will be able to service our medical customers during a pandemic. To do so without delay, and to assure that a plan is in action for covering both daily routes and STAT deliveries we are initiating procedures including;
Stage One:
*All local offices will be stocked with disposable gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer.
*Local Operation Managers will monitor any local warnings and closings of
local schools.
Stage Two: In the event that a local school district is closing, the following precautions occur;
*All company management, sales staff, and support staff will be asked to be ready
to take over deliveries.
*They and their households will be asked to avoid exposure by avoiding crowded
public places, i.e. Shopping Malls, Sporting Events, Airplanes, etc.,
*Most importantly, we require that any employee who gets sick, stay at home.

Our goal is to keep our organization physically healthy, so that our customers can continue to rely on us throughout the influenza season. If you would like further information on the Pandemic Flu, please visit

Friday, August 7, 2009

Finding Humanity from Inhumanity

Where were you when planes hit the twin towers on 9/11? I bet you know exactly where you were standing, who was with you at the time, and what was the first thing you did afterwards. Did you run to a television, call your family, cry? Shortly thereafter, the American public began to learn of the sea of humanity that arises amongst the ashes. Stories of real people giving of their time to feed the rescuers, philanthropists funding the families, etc.

This past Tuesday, August 4Th, an insane man (unmentioned by name on purpose) entered the aerobics studio of a suburban Pittsburgh fitness center, and decided to seek revenge for his sad existence, by shooting and killing innocent woman. Moments after the last bullet rang out, the news began to spread, so that within minutes, practically every person in the city was aware of this tragedy.

We are starting to hear about the sea of humanity that is born out of this tragedy. I for one would much rather read about these loving and caring people who rise up to give, than about the miserable life of the killer who empowered himself to take away beautiful souls. Here is one that comes directly from my company, American Expediting, that we need to publish.

As one of the largest couriers in Pittsburgh, with a core part of our business serving the local blood banks, we know our way around an emergency. When the news hit on Tuesday night, three individual drivers from our company volunteered to transport blood to the local hospital receiving the injured victims. Knowing that the hospital probably didn't inventory the needed supply of any one blood type, and that time was critical, they jumped into their cars without hesitation. Mark Roberts, Mark Kotarides, and Richard Bailey were not working at the time, but knew that they could possibly make a difference. While driving, they called into dispatch, and asked where to go to volunteer their services.

I for one am proud of these gentleman. Of their instinct to give to others, and their hearts of gold. We will never know if they were part of saving lives, but we do know that they put the concern for others in front of their own, and that these are the type of people we should be reading about. If it wouldn't be too much to ask, next time you see them making a delivery, shake their hand, and thank them for showing their Humanity.