Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Expediting - Giving Thanks, Giving Back

As we experience the holiday season, if you are like my family, you are preparing for that round table discussion about the things we are each grateful for this year. Did you experience a great life-changing event like a wedding, promotion, or birth of a baby? Have you achieved a lifelong goal like running a marathon, earning a black belt, or have you reached a weight-loss goal? Or, are you simply happy to have your whole family sitting around the table eating turkey, ham, and stuffing? We are all very fortunate if these are the biggest thoughts going through our minds.
For our nation’s military families, there are different thoughts to ponder. Will my loved-one return from combat to experience another holiday with our family? When my loved-one comes home, will he/she be of sound mind and body? Will he/she be able to adjust to life away from combat?

Let me introduce you to an organization that American Expediting is supporting. Troops First Foundation is a phenomenal organization that has created several programs and specialized events designed for military service persons and their families. This programming targets relationship-building, readjustment, and reintegration. It also offers mentoring programs which help our soldiers reestablish themselves as they begin to move forward in their lives.The best part is that both non-injured and injured military personnel and their families are served at no cost to them. Additionally, Troops First Foundation develops initiatives to facilitate a greater recognition and an enhanced understanding of the quality and character of the men and women who volunteer to serve, their families, their daily sacrifices and the constant need to evaluate and improve their quality of life. Please visit the Troops First Foundation website to learn more about this worthwhile organization.">

There are a variety of areas in our lives that we should never take for granted: our health, our families, those who help us put food on our table, and those who put their lives on the line for this country. On behalf of the management team, staff, and drivers at American Expediting, we would like to thank our customers for the ability to service your business over the past year. We hope that we reached our goal of exceeding your expectations, and look forward to supporting your company in the coming year!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Funny Stories in the Courier Industry

When this blog began publishing over two years ago, we stated that the purpose of the blog was to share the trials and tribulations of the courier industry. Included in this description was the desire to share funny stories that have come our way during the everyday course of doing business.

Many of you know that American Expediting handles animals in a variety of ways. From transporting specialty (high value) lab mice to a lab, tropical birds to your local pet stores, as well as handling the family pet. As many people find out the hard way, it is not so easy to transport your pets on a commercial flight. Enter, American Expediting. We know the multitude of rules and regulations that need to be followed and can make your move less stressful, as well as that of your pet.

Recently, we received an email requested through our website,, requesting us to handle their precious family pets. Before you read on, please make sure you don't need to use the bathroom. We wouldn't want to be the cause of a "people accident".

To whom it may concern:
I need to transport 2 Chihuahuas under 10 pounds each from Boston to Dallas. My ex and I share custody. I just moved to Boston making this difficult. He needs them in the winter months because it is just too cold for them in the Northeast. The airline carrier restrictions prevent me from bringing them on the plane. Could you please provide a quote?

You'll be happy to hear that both pets made it safely to their winter home, and with only a small amount of doggie accidents in their kennel.

American Expediting. The newest member of the Animal Transportation Association