Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We've Got Your Back American Expediting

American Expediting has the backs of many of our customers, 24/7/365. Every day, all yearlong, we help thousands of customers in countless
situations whether there is an AOG (aircraft on ground) delivery to get an airplane back in the air, a replacement heart rushed to a local hospital, or
a critical part required to get computer systems and production facilities back online.

Just last night, the need for backup coverage hit home when an accident to a telecommunications pole knocked out the phones and internet systems at our headquarters. Who came to our rescue? Our own National Call Center in Pittsburgh. Their managers worked through the night helping us
cover the Philadelphia and South Jersey markets. Using our mobile phones, we dispatched
all of our jobs to local drivers and captured critical updates in our Courier Management System software.

While this was a successful, yet unplanned test on our backup, it reminds us, and our customers, of the importance of having a round the clock solution for covering critical deliveries. With over 30 locations coast to coast, American Expediting plans hard for all contingencies.
American Expediting now has four offices operating 24 hours a day:Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Raleigh. Each is staffed with trained dispatch specialists to handle calls from multiple markets, and each has emergency activation procedures to ramp up personnel on a moment’s notice when situations arise. We’ve covered our three Florida locations when hurricanes caused local evacuations; Denver and Chicago sites during snowstorms, and our midwestern locations in Indianapolis and Columbus when recent tornados leveled entire communities.

So today we give a shout-out to our Pittsburgh call center for their excellent job and promise that we’re prepared to do the same in return.