Thursday, June 24, 2010

Same Day Delivery in Pittsburgh - Making A Difference

178 yard, Par 3, Island Green Golf Course, Philadelphia, PA. Two Feet from a Hole in One. Had it gone in the hole, I would have bought the clubhouse a drink at the bar, called everyone that I have ever known, and definitely would have had a story to tell for the rest of my life. Instead, my loyal blog readers are the only people who share in this story, and how I combine it with how going the extra mile can make a difference in someones life.

My mother, Rene, is struggling with various ailments including cancer. The doctors at UPMC in Pittsburgh have been doing a great job of caring for her, but now the cancer has spread to her back. The result is excruciating pain, and the inability to get up from her bed. Once she is up, she is fine, it's lifting herself that is the problem. The fantastic long term life insurance we purchased will not allow for in home care until 90 days have passed from the requested day, therefore my brother, Jay, has been by her side 24 hours a day. Yesterday she had to have a treatment of Radioactive Chemotherapy to try to kill off some of the cancer cells, which comes with a warning that other people should stay away from you for 48 hours. I always thought my mother glowed, but now everyone can agree. The result, mom has to be secluded, without the ability to get out of bed for food, drink, etc.,

The moment the therapy was over, my siblings, Debbi and Jay, called to ask if American Expediting can pick up a special chair from Medic Rescue Healthcare and have it delivered sameday. Apparently, at 4:30PM no medical supply firms in the city had the ability to get something delivered in short notice. I called our Pittsburgh office to see if they could expedite a pickup 40+ miles away, during rush hour, and in a torrential rain storm. Not only did the driver arrive approximately one hour later for pickup, no fewer than five American Expediting employees watched over this job to make sure that it was delivered. The result, this morning my mother had the first decent nights sleep in a week, she had one less thing to worry about, and she didn't spread the radiation to her family.

Thank you to the Pittsburgh team for helping to make a difference in my families life. To Mark, Scott, Jennifer, Dale, and Fred for executing flawlessly, to driver 3383 for going the extra step, and finally to my brother-in-law, Joe Manich, the best son my mother could have, who bought the expensive chair in the first place.
If you are curious if I made the birdie putt, please don't ask.