Friday, July 17, 2009


I've always liked the public speaker who started off with a laugh, so here we go with a story (or Urban Legend) from the Courier business..........

A Courier was dispatched to the airport to pick-up a regular air shipment of mice for a local testing laboratory. Now for those of you who have been in the business of lab mice, you know that these critters can cost $2,500 each, and up to $10,000. Unfortunately, the inbound flight was severely delayed, so that by the time the driver arrived at the delivery location, the doors were locked. Unable to reach the client for directions, the driver used his best discretion by bringing the crate of 50 mice to his home, where he knew that the controlled climate would best be suited for their survival.

At the crack of dawn the next morning, this conscientious driver checked in on his little friends, and was devastated to see that all 50 had gone to a better place...heaven. Here is where the story gets interesting. The driver takes the 50 mice to his local pet store, and matches up color for color a new batch of mice. Not exactly laboratory grade, especially since he got a deal for under $100.

Thirty minutes later the dispatcher receives a call from the client. "You have to tell me exactly what your company did after picking up our crate." Innocent to the drivers sly antics, he reads off the details of the delivery. "No, you don't understand, a real miracle occured and we need your help to find out how it happened." You see, the driver unknowing picked up 50 dead mice to be tested, and replaced them with 50 live ones.

I've been laughing for weeks. Hope you enjoyed this first post, and invite you to come back to visit for industry knowledge on finding a courier in your market, technology being offered to the courier industry, and also for a few laughs.

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