Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Courier Lab and Animal Deliveries During the Dog Days of Summer

While most of the country is experiencing extreme heat, which appears will continue for the next several weeks, our Operations team is reiterating the American Expediting courier procedures for handling medical samples and live animal deliveries. All locations are posting the following reminder...

Please make sure that when we are transporting temperature sensitive materials, such as lab animals, medication, blood etc- we are reminding the drivers of our clients requirements. A significant temperature change can cause samples and medication to become damaged and in the event of animals, it can alter lab results or even kill them.These products can become rather expensive so please, ask the drivers when dispatching to keep their air conditioning turned up, bring a second set of keys with them so that they can leave their AC running in between deliveries, and try to avoid direct sunlight onto the boxes.

Our company has had an excellent success record, and with these subtle reminders, we plan on keeping it that way.

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