Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you.

When meeting with our potential customers, the question inevitably arises, “so tell me about American Expediting.” I find this an incredibly difficult task, because we are so much more than a 26 year old company started by an entrepreneurial Wharton graduate. We are over 30 individual corporate owned offices with 100’s of individuals working hard to take care of our customers. To truly know AE would mean to delve into the hearts of each one of these individuals. The first person that I would like to introduce to you is Mr. Bob Caraballo, Operations Manager for our Orlando office.

Bob was born in Brooklyn (GO YANKEE’S), NY the youngest son of a Pastor and mother who worked for the NYC Board of Education. After graduating with a business degree from a local college, Bob began his career working in Transportation/Administration division of Polo/Ralph Lauren. This segued into an Operations Management opportunity in NYC, which he held for 10 years.

In 1994, after the passing of his father, he moved his family to Orlando in order to take care of his mother. With the experience he had in New York City, he easily landed a management position for a local courier. After 10 years of getting to know the local market, building relationships with customers, and drivers, he brought his expertise to American Expediting.

Upon his arrive at AE he quickly grew our fleet threefold and increased business enough to create a need for a larger warehouse facility. He currently manages over 30 drivers on a daily basis with the capacity to quickly deliver anything from a small package to the airport (TSA Approved), all the way up to straight truck deliveries moving 1000’s of pounds.

To truly understand Bob and why he is successful, we need to look into what exactly makes him tick. In addition to being a man with strong family values, raising his two children with his wife Karla, he has recently followed his father’s footsteps and has taken on part time Pastoral duties. In January of this year he was ordained into the ministry, and is now the Pastor of a church in Winter Springs Florida.

If you are looking for a man you can trust, whom always puts others needs in front of his own, and is truly grateful for your business, then Bob is your guy.


  1. Bob is a great asset to American Expediting and I am proud to say I work with him. He always goes the extra mile for all of our customers. It is nice to work for a company that when "I" sell our service the operation managers (like Bob) see it through!

  2. Bob and Joan and *insert all employees' names here* are great assets to American Expediting Company . . . 26 years of EXCELLENCE!!