Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble, Gobble


As we sit at our Thanksgiving feasts, and ponder all that we are truly thankful, let’s not forget what truly makes us happy. Is it family? Your friends? Could it be your job? How about the fact that you are not one of those 10% of American’s that don’t have a job?

Getting to know my co-workers over the past months has been a fascinating experience. We have incredibly talented individuals, both at work and in their personal lives. Whether they are giving up their holiday to make sure that critical medical packages are being delivered, or they are volunteering in their local soup kitchens to feed those less fortunate, the American Expediting team has much to be proud.

In honor of my co-workers, I am making a $500 donation to a local charity. Your help is needed to determine the recipient, so anyone who reads this blog over the next 5 days, please email me your choice from the following; (1) Philabundance – Local Soup Kitchen, (2) Ronald McDonald House, (3) Make-A-Wish Foundation, (4) St.Judes, or (5) Equally Split amongst all four.

Thank everyone of you for your support and friendship!


  1. Spread the joy, (5). Have a blessed day Glenn, say hello to the family.

  2. Would like to know who received your generous contribution. . . .