Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Batting in the Clean-up Position, American Expediting Couriers

Across the country, most cities are experiencing the dog days of summer. Thermostats exceeding triple digits are becoming the norm, with many families taking vacations based around swimming and as my kids say, “chilin out.” Unlike companies in Europe that commonly shut down three weeks in August for holiday,” North American companies maintain the status quo with up to 20% of their workforce gone in any given week.

This temporary workforce reduction resounds with opportunities. For example, many small and medium-sized widget suppliers use small crews of internal employees to manage their daily deliveries. When one or more of them takes off for vacation, the company may not have the personnel available to drive cargo vans or trucks. American Expediting has and can provide quality substitute drivers, licensed for these vehicle types, and stocked with the equipment to move clients’ pallets. Lift gates, pallet jacks, blankets, and other equipment are all available with advanced notice. In this capacity, American Expediting is a valuable resource, temporarily or permanently, part-time or full-time, for all types of businesses throughout the United States.

As medical couriers, American Expediting finds many of their lab and hospital clients reaching out for help in both their backup routes and STAT specimen deliveries. With the required OSHA and HIPPA training, and knowledge of the medical campuses, American Expediting makes this a smooth transition. Our company also works with the clients’ operations teams to ensure that adequate reporting of pickups and deliveries are communicated in real time.

The extreme summer heat affects sensitive computer parts, increasing failure rates and the need for replacements ASAP. As hot shot couriers experienced in moving such components, American Expediting enjoys an increase in the calls coming in for rush deliveries locally, regionally and via air. Businesses call on us based on our reputation as a courier who can mobilize quickly.

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