Friday, September 16, 2011


Twenty-eight years ago when we started in this business, courier delivery was synonymous with document delivery. Attorneys, accountants, and engineers drove our business. As time passed, we acquired a wide array of customers, many with deliveries of a time-sensitive and time-critical nature. We were discovering that the service needs of our clients changed daily making the same-day delivery business truly unique.

Today, the term courier is more frequently associated with medical deliveries, including lab specimens and human organs and has pretty much become the backbone of our business. Now, with the predominance of medical work, we’ve noticed another aspect of our business that is particularly striking: the human element involved in our daily work. At the end of each day, as we evaluate our operations, we see the lives we’ve affected while doing our jobs, the people we’ve helped in ordinary and extraordinary ways. Those are the jobs most rewarding and of the greatest import to us and are exemplified in the following examples of jobs we did in a single day:

• Driver is dispatched in the early morning to pick up prenatal medications for an expectant mother on bed rest in her final trimester, helping to safeguard her from a premature delivery.

• Driver transports cord blood from a new mother donating it to a regional community cord blood bank, a future benefit for a needy recipient needing the cord blood to save their life. The delivery is performed via a flexible route pre-established to our clients evolving needs in the tri-state area of Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The route services multiple hospitals and a centralized storage facility.

• A college-bound student studying abroad depends on an American Expediting driver to get his personal belongings to a local Freight Forwarder for loading onto an ocean container ensuring the necessities of his life will be waiting for him upon his arrival.

• Reputed for their conscientious animal transport services, American Expediting receives requests from empty-nesters relocating across the country to move their special pets to their new residences. We handle hundreds of pet deliveries every year, offering door-to-door service and safe delivery for anxious pet owners.

• Out for a night on the town that includes a movie? You can bet that one of our drivers picked up the film reel at the airport then hand delivered it to the theatre. We assist the movie studios to ensure that their new releases are protected and not replicated without their permission.

• Diabetic patients in need of continuous insulin flow can receive it at home thanks to technological advancements in medicine. The insulin pumps and bags required for the process are stored and delivered around the country by American Expediting, a preferred courier of national pharmaceutical companies.

As you can see, our couriers touch many aspects of life each day and yet so many people still believe that couriers only deliver legal documents. We take real pride in knowing that we are helping others live their lives as safe and secure as possible.

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This blog is dedicated to the memory of Jennifer Blakely, a valued employee of American Expediting Company who managed our office in Toledo, OH.

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