Tuesday, August 11, 2009

H1N1 Pandemic Precautions


Along with the daily breaking news coming from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and our local medical facilities, American Expediting is preparing for a potential flu outbreak projected to hit in late October. Health officials project that up to 45% of the population will be affected by this virus, fortunately most of us will come down with a minor strain, and won’t even know that we were affected.
American Expediting is adapting from the various health safety policies being adopted by our local health and government offices. Our number one concern is that we will be able to service our medical customers during a pandemic. To do so without delay, and to assure that a plan is in action for covering both daily routes and STAT deliveries we are initiating procedures including;
Stage One:
*All local offices will be stocked with disposable gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer.
*Local Operation Managers will monitor any local warnings and closings of
local schools.
Stage Two: In the event that a local school district is closing, the following precautions occur;
*All company management, sales staff, and support staff will be asked to be ready
to take over deliveries.
*They and their households will be asked to avoid exposure by avoiding crowded
public places, i.e. Shopping Malls, Sporting Events, Airplanes, etc.,
*Most importantly, we require that any employee who gets sick, stay at home.

Our goal is to keep our organization physically healthy, so that our customers can continue to rely on us throughout the influenza season. If you would like further information on the Pandemic Flu, please visit www.hhs.gov/pandemicflu/plan/.

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  1. The swine flu is much ado about nothing. It is only goingto affect the very old, the very young, and those with compromise immune systems. Basic precautions will protect you. Hand washing etc.

    AMEX Atlanta.