Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Up, Up, and Away" - Helping to Save Lives

What's that you hear in the distance? Is that the sound of a horn? Many years ago, while working as an intern, my boss taught me an important lesson. Toot your own horn, because nobody will do it for you. Last week, my company provided a service to a customer that bears tooting. Now this customer has a clearer understanding of our company slogan "AT AMERICAN EXPEDITING, WE HELP TO SAVE LIVES."

When Winslow Dialysis in Sicklerville, New Jersey needed a courier in a pinch, they called American Expediting. As their name indicates, Winslow is a dialysis treatment center, a life-saving procedure for renal patients. Days earlier, they ran out necessary solution to perform their treatments. After exercising all of their options for borrowing from any nearby clinics, Winslow's limited supply was done. With patients scheduled for their needed afternoon appointments, Winslow contacted their existing courier at 11:10AM requesting an emergency fulfillment and rush of the solution stored at the courier's location 40 miles away. After being informed that the delivery couldn't be made until 7:00PM, and knowing their clients couldn't wait one more day for their treatment, Winslow contacted American Expediting. We immediately dispatched out of our Westville, NJ office, and had the delivery complete by 1:20PM.

In an email sent by Mr. Joe Peters of Winslow Dialysis following receipt of his package. In it he writes, "It is great to work with a company that has a Can-Do philosophy. Thank you Sherry and your drivers again for saving us from what could have been a very bad situation.

"Imagine now, you are listening to Louis Armstrong belting out his famous rendition of WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Beats hearing the bugler playing TAPS any day of the week.
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  1. "Expediting" is our name . . . don't you just love us?