Friday, August 28, 2009


A recent advertising campaign featured the tagline “I got people.” Well, at American Expediting, we “got” people too, from the drivers who go beyond deliveries for our clients to our hands-on president, Vic Finnegan who envisioned and created a company driven by customer service. It’s those people and their commitment to that vision who have made American Expediting the respected and reputable business that it is.

We offer the following story from our Cleveland regional office as an example of the seemingly small but very significant and appreciated extras everyone in the company does that make it such a valued vendor among our customers.

Char Schraibman, a sales representative for PLUS Diagnostics, a pathology laboratory, had a delivery of packages containing the results of time-sensitive specimens which had to reach their New Jersey facility quickly. Deliveries of this type are critical to patients awaiting word on their health and subsequent treatment.

Unfortunately, after the American Expediting driver, Pat Chapman received the package and was headed for the airport, Schraibman discovered that each package had been mislabeled. They were addressed to a new PLUS Diagnostics location which had yet to be occupied. She immediately contacted Lou Flowers, the Operations Manager in the Cleveland office, explaining the crisis. Flowers, in turn, contacted Chapman and arrangements were made for him to wait for Schraibman by the side of the road.

When she arrived with a fistful of correct mailing labels, she found Pat patiently waiting. He continued to wait with her as she painstakingly readdressed each package then he hoofed it to the airport, ensuring all the packages were on the overnight plane to New Jersey.

Was Schraibman appreciative?

Yes, as always, although this latest action was just another piece of the broader service she enjoys daily from the Cleveland people. Service, she notes, in which one driver, Bob Beach, takes treats of candy to her clients during his medical pick-ups and service that includes check-up calls from Flowers to her daily pick-ups when they’ve failed to call. It all adds up to that special, personal touch which enhances the courier experience shared by Schraibman and her clients; a warm experience that induced her to write: “I will transfer over every account I can to American Expediting.”

Are we proud? You bet we are. We too can boast that we “got” people…admirable ones at that.

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